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Open Door TV Series

Series 9

I Have A Dream

This program looks at the I Have a Dream Project, which is designed to encourage and support children from primary school through to university. The dreamers are encouraged to fulfill their dreams, with the help of tutors and mentors. These children from lower income areas are assured of an opportunity of higher education.

I Have A Dream – Part 1 I Have A Dream – Part 2

On A Roll

We follow five young people as they show us what life is really like when you’re living with a disability. We see what’s normal for them at work, uni and home;  their social lives; and what obstacles they have to overcome that able-bodied people might not consider.

On A Roll – Part 1 On A Roll – Part 2

Right Track

This documentary looks at the Right Track programme, an intensive 42 hour course for people under 17 facing serious traffic charges that include drink driving and other dangerous driving offences. Visits to spinal units, mock crash scenes, presentations from the Serious Crash Unit, funeral directors and bereaved parents are just some of the dramatic tactics having a positive effect on Counties Manukau youth on the Right Track Driver Programme.

Right Track – Part 1 Right Track – Part 2


This program looks into the lives of people suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or M.E. People with this invisible but devastating condition can look quite normal, yet suffer from debilitating exhaustion, “brain fog” and nerve pain. They may be isolated in their beds for months or even years – losing jobs, friendships and education – but still face skepticism about the reality of their illness.

ME – Part 1 ME – Part 2

Problem Gambling

This documentary takes a look into the guarded lives of problem gamblers and explores the effect that problem gambling has had on their lives, their families, and our communities. Gambling has become a problem for many New Zealanders as casinos, pokie machines and online betting have provided increasingly easy and convenient ways to risk it all.

Problem Gambling – Part 1 Problem Gambling – Part 2

Sweet Louise

Sweet Louise helps improve the quality of life for hundreds of New Zealand women with Secondary Breast Cancer every year. Sweet Louise as part of the Louise Perkins Foundation offers a whole suite of practical help and restorative therapies, helping women with breast cancer to lead more positive lives.

Sweet Louise – Part 1 Sweet Louise – Part 2

Prison Fellowship

This program looks at the Sycamore Tree Course run through prisons across New Zealand by Prison Fellowship. Prison Fellowship is a national Christian volunteer movement, committed to the spiritual, moral, social and physical well-being of prisoners, ex-prisoners, their families, crime victims and those who serve the criminal justice system.

Prison Fellowship – Part 1 Prison Fellowship – Part 2


More than one million New Zealanders are actively involved in volunteer work, both informally within their communities and formally through the almost 100,000 volunteer-reliant organizations across the country. Volunteering Auckland matches volunteers with charities all across the Auckland region. From helping disabled people go sailing to making ice-blocks for apes,  these generous people find that they get out even more than they give.

Volunteers – Part 1 Volunteers – Part 2


Spark Studio is a unique creative learning environment for adults and youth with various disabilities. Students are tutored by experts in all elements of art making including painting, drawing and print making. We follow them as they prepare for an exhibition of their work at the Corban Estate Arts Centre.

Spark – Part 1 Spark – Part 2


The Eating Difficulties Education Network provides information, support and referrals for people facing eating difficulties, as well as working in the wider community to promote body satisfaction and healthy body image with education programmes in secondary schools and public events like Love Your Body Day.  In a world of constant image pressure where more than 70% of women may feel unhappy about how they look, EDEN’s help is needed more than ever.

EDEN – Part 1 EDEN – Part 2