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Open Door TV Series

Series 8

Series 8 is not currently available to view online.

Whangarei Native Bird Recovery Centre

The Whangarei Native Bird Recovery Centre rescues, raises and rehabilitates over a thousand birds in need every year. It is a thriving centre which runs breeding programmes for kiwi and other native birds as well as education programmes for children and the general public. No bird is turned away as the founders Robert and Robyn Webb work tirelessly for the future of New Zealand’s native bird population.

Diabetes ~ Type 2

The program shows some young people who have had to make changes to their lifestyle in order to combat Type 2 Diabetes, which unlike Type 1 Diabetes can be prevented. As epidemics go diabetes is silent, and despite its often devastating consequences provokes little of the fear or the prevention efforts inspired by AIDS. Our stories show what can be done to prevent the onset of this disease.

Deaf Assist Dogs

This program shows how just one dog can greatly enhance the life of a deaf person. We follow the progress of a freshly trained deaf assist dog and their new owner as the partnership between the two develops. The dogs alert their owners to alarm clocks, phones and more. They are rescued from animal shelters and then trained for 6 months at a special training centre. They come in all shapes and sizes – the only requirement is for the dog to be friendly, intelligent and responsive to sounds.


This program tells the stories of people affected by Meningitis; a silent killer that can strike quickly and without warning. The stories highlight the danger to adults that meningitis poses and the need for early diagnosis and access to urgent treatment, which can mean the difference between life and death.


Our program shows a Matariki celebration at a mainly Pakeha pre-school and a full immersion Maori Kindergarten. We see the similarities and the differences between the build up to Matariki the two centres have. This is something very unique to New Zealand that is highly significant in the Maori calendar.


The aim of this program is to dispel some of the myths about Hospice; the main one being that Hospice is just a place where people go to die. Hospice is in fact an organisation that supports people – mostly in their own homes – to have the best possible life in the time they have left. The philosophy of care is holistic and caters for people of all ages and cultures.

Road To Recovery

This program follows a group of people who have successfully conquered their mental illness and are now contributing to society, as they talk about what caused their health problems and what it is that keeps them healthy. Creativity is a common theme. On their road to recovery many discovered hidden talents with which they now enrich their lives and the lives of others.


The Human Rights Commission in New Zealand launched the world’s first enquiry into discrimination experienced by transgender people. Our program tells the stories of some of the people, who took part in that enquiry, who overwhelmingly just want to live a normal life as who they are. We talk about their hopes and aspirations for the future of Trans people in New Zealand in the light of the recent enquiry.

Tool Blacks

Thirteen young apprentices travel to Japan to represent New Zealand in the trades they are learning. Already these young tradesmen have been through and won Regional and National competitions, proving to themselves to be the top young tradesmen in the country. Now is their chance to prove it to the world.

Pegasus Dance

This program follows a unique partnership between the Pegasus Unit, a special needs unit at Pakuranga College, and Auckland University dance students. They work together to produce a dance performance in just four weeks. The Pegasus Unit student’s blossom and both groups of students learn from each other as the big day approaches.