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Open Door TV Series

Series 7

This series is not currently available to view online.

Diabetes ~ Type 1

The everyday maintenance and control of Type One Diabetes is hard work and most of the sufferers are overlooked. We get an insight into the life of Olivia, a dynamic young 16 year old who has type one diabetes. Diabetes is more difficult to control for a young person and we see what life is like for Olivia and her family. Olivia works hard, plays hard and has an enthusiasm for life that is filled with optimism joy and courage.

Auckland Cat Rescue

This program follows a group of volunteers from Auckland Cat Rescue. ACR is an organization run by some very dedicated cat lovers who trap, de-sex and rehabilitate cats and kittens that have bred in the many colonies in and around Auckland. The colonies have become established as a result of the actions of some members of the community who have treated cats as disposable items and the colonies have formed as a result.

Community Patrol

These groups of volunteers are made up of people interested in keeping the community of Papakura safe. They act as the eyes and ears for the police patrolling their town, either by day or night noting anything that could be suspicious. Working in pairs, they patrol in a marked car patrolling areas that the police have earmarked as trouble spots where crime could occur. Tagging car theft and break-ins are often foiled because of the community patrols.

Impact Alternative Education

There is an alternative to formal secondary school education for those who just can’t make it in the regular system. Most of the kids have been expelled for gross misconduct and had become caught up in the drug scene because they failed to cope with the regular classroom situation. Impact gave them encouragement to achieve and as a result the majority of students have not wanted to run away from this school. Some of the footage for this program was shot by the students themselves and their involvement in the making of the program was crucial as they saw their own achievements documented.

Muslim Women

We meet some young educated Muslim women who want to dispel some of the myths that are now prevalent in society about their lives as Muslims. It has become increasingly complex being a Muslim living in an increasingly hostile environment to Muslims. The young women in our program are educated young people who love peace, harmony and just want a better future for New Zealand their country of choice.


Back-Up New Zealand provides outdoor exciting adventure activity courses which include rock climbing, gliding, canoeing, scuba diving, blo-carting, to name a few for people with disabilities. The course participants in our program are a group of people who have an intellectual disability. We follow their week long course and see them experiencing the fears overcoming the challenges; the excitement, the personal growth and the sheer joy of adventuring into the outdoors.


This programme looks at the lives of some families affected by Alzheimer’s disease. We get a rare insight into the lives of a diverse group of families brought together for this program to share the hardships and positive times they have experienced due to Alzheimer’s disease. All stages of the disease have its challenges and it is the primary carer who ends up sacrificing their life to care for the sufferer. We will show how each of the families deal with their unique situation.

Dress For Success

DFS is a charity which helps boost women’s self esteem by providing work appropriate clothing and interview tips. DFS clients are women who are often returning to the work force after child rearing. The women have made the decision to get off welfare and back into the workforce. DFS helps them by preparing them for job interviews offering advice with their CV and a complete makeover. Many of the volunteers who run DFS are former clients helped by the organization.

Cover Up You Boys

The number of New Zealanders diagnosed with HIV has doubled in the past five years. The New Zealand Aids foundation with the help of the Drag icon Miss Ribena, “Drag queens can have a lot of influence. They’re like big aunties”. Mr. Gay Auckland and his deputy have teamed together in a new safe sex campaign to educate the gay and bisexual population. The programme follows the campaign launched with the “Safe Sex Beauties” and a drag extravaganza in the Family Bar in Auckland.

New Zealand Chinese

The documentary’s focus is on Chinese New Zealanders of different backgrounds coming to terms with their multiple identities whilst living in the New Zealand environment. We see how their Chinese ethnic origin and the conflicting attitudes of parents and peer groups can cause problems. These visibly different New Zealanders have embraced the positive aspects of two different cultures and their personal experiences and opinions are shared on the best way forward for New Zealand as an increasingly multi-cultural nation in the future.