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Open Door TV Series

Series 5

These episodes are not available online.

I Have A Dream

The IHAD Charitable Trust has undertaken to help all children in a year 4 class at Wesley Primary School to achieve the dream of a university education by paying fees and providing special support.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

The step that many New Zealand grandparents take in agreeing to raise their own grandchildren is one that is never taken lightly. In many cases, they feel they really have no choice.

Taking the Reins

The Ambury Park Centre for Riding Therapy uses the horse as a therapeutic tool in helping young people with behavioural problems to achieve the self-discipline required to succeed in education.

A City Mission

If you’re homeless and destitute; if you’re infected with a disease with stigma attached or if you’re addicted to illegal drugs, a church based mission is probably your last resort for help and support.

Mind Over Muscle

A look at the day to day struggle of living with Muscular Dystrophy; meet six people who will do anything to keep their independence.

Hidden Danger

When standard foods such as eggs, milk and peanuts become life threatening to your child, how do you cope?

The Survivors’ Guide to Sight Loss’

What’s it like to lose your sight? Scary when people you don’t know grab and drag you across the road at the traffic lights. Sad, when you know you are looking at your face in the mirror for the last time. Infuriating, when you weed the garden and pull out all the flowers. This is the bottom line on sight loss from four very honest individuals.

Karnt Reed, Karnt Rite, But Brite

Dyslexia affects 1 in 10 of us, and is only now starting to be understood. It’s one of a number of learning difficulties that have meant school misery and isolation for many over the years. Now, SPELD New Zealand is working hard to change all that … but first they’ve got to get the government to recognise it.

Rural Watch

The boys of the Shelley Beach Rural Fire Service are dedicated to fire fighting, brave in the face of adversity and well up for a laugh. We follow the boys into action and get to know them at home and at play.

Gift Of Life

This time last year 28 year old Carla Sparrow’s mum life was hanging in the balance. She needed a liver transplant or she would die. A miracle happened and it was just a matter of hours after surgery that Carla’s family watched the colour return to her mum’s face. Carla was so moved that she turned to Open Door to tell her family’s story and others like hers.