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Open Door TV Series

Series 4

The episodes from Series 4 are not available online.

Ups And Downs

These families that include children with Down Syndrome are not devastated by the disability but strengthened by the gifts it brings.

Heart Camp @ MERC

If you have a serious heart condition, it’s hard to fit into the normal sport and recreation activities at school. We follow a group of young people through a week’s visit to the Sir Peter Blake Marine Education & Recreation Centre.

Deaf Culture

Within the deaf community there is a spectrum of feelings about deafness itself. Some struggle to maintain their place in the mainstream, others find everything they need within their unique deaf culture.

Second Chance Learning

The people in this program have already had one try at education that didn’t work out. Join them as they take a second chance – in a Maori context.

Toi Ora

The common factor that brings this group of painters, poets, writers and musicians together is their shared history of mental ill health. They’re all using their art to help them get back to well being.

Auckland Youth Orchestra

This program looks at the Auckland Youth Orchestra as we follow them from their first rehearsal to a stunning public concert in the Auckland Town Hall. On the way, you may have to reconsider your ideas about what sort of young people play classical music.

Rhythm Of Life

Rhythm Centre is a group that encourages people with no musical experience to have fun and be part of a performing group. They also tell us of some ways of using rhythm and drumming that you won’t have thought of.

Rainbow Youth

Rainbow Youth offers support, role models and a sympathetic ear to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender adolescents who don’t have the support of families, friends and peers as they face the most turbulent time of their lives – growing into adulthood.

Justice Action Group

Today’s program looks at the issue of people with intellectual disability who become naively and innocently enmeshed in the criminal justice system.

Speaking Out Ten Years On

The first Open Door program was made with four people with cerebral palsy, three of them non-verbal, and went to air in 1993. We catch up with them ten years later.