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Open Door TV Series

Series 3

The episodes from Series 3 are not available online.


Some of New Zealand most prominent activists talk, not of any specific issue, but about what it means to be an activist.

Autism – A World Of Their Own

A positive look at some of the latest teaching methods that a group of parents with autistic children are suing to help them live the most normal life possible.


The story of an organisation of women supporting other women in prison and on release, and women whose partners are in prison.

Permaculture – Our Garden Of Eden

Residents of the Otematea Eco-Village in Kaiwaka devote their lives to the principles of permanent agriculture and harmonious community life.

Our Home, Mt Tabor

An insight into the way that people with intellectual disabilities can be helped to lead the most normal life possible with the help of committed support.

Who Let The Dogs Out?

The Humane Society rescues dogs from death and places them in good caring homes where they sometimes change the lives of their new owners.

Rehousing New Zealand

Some passionate people speak of their commitment to trying to solve some of the social problems of low income families through the provision of affordable, mortgage-free housing.

Touch Compass

An inspiring story of contemporary dance, in which dancers with various abilities and disabilities are woven into the fabric of a story of personal triumph.

Who Cares?

A look at the lives of a group of parents who have dedicated their lives to caring for their disabled children in their own home rather than in an institution.


They arrived in a blaze of publicity as part of the Tampa controversy, but now this family from Afghanistan are putting the violence and terror behind them as they settle into their new life in New Zealand.