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Open Door TV Series

Series 2

The episodes from Series 2 are not available online.

The Ultimate Abuse

It’s a devastating event in the lives of all who are touched by a murder and N Z has many support services to help those affected pick up the threads and get on with life. Unfortunately, the system tends to forget the people whose loss has been the greatest – the family and friends of the victim.

We’re No Sugar Babies

Awareness of Diabetes has been increasing but very few people realise that the Diabetes children suffer is quite different from the adult version. Young people tell us about their life with the disease.

Getting The Breaks

A look inside a school that takes kids that other schools wouldn’t touch with an academic barge-pole.

Living With Autism

Children with autism look normal, in fact they’re quite often beautiful, but their behaviour can be physically and emotionally damaging to themselves and the people around them.

Best Of Buddies

If you’ve lost your dad or he’s left home, your uncles don’t call and your Mum’s on her own, it’s really good to find some other older person that can be a companion and take you to things just like the other kids – great to have a “Buddy.”

Jackson Street

The story of how the residents of a depressed housing project in Petone pulled themselves out of a mire of bureaucratic ineptitude.

Shedding The Habit

Whatever happened to all those severe and formidable women in black and white robes – Nuns? Now they look like you and me and they’ve left the convent to live amongst the people they serve.

House Of Change

Moanna House, in Dunedin, is an alternative to prison for its residents. It’s another option – but certainly not a soft one!

The Two Worlds Of John & Ed

John & Ed are both recovered from severe mental breakdown. Whilst still being consumers of psychiatric services, they are now registered providers of health services to the Northern Regional Health Authority.

Godzone Island

It’s an idyllic island in the Hauraki Gulf but the only people who go there are sent, often against their will, to take part in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme run by the Salvation Army.

Children Of Lebanon

The original Lebanese immigrants to New Zealand were fleeing much earlier conflicts than the one we know from our news reports. They are now a vital and integrated part of life in Dunedin.

Hare Krishna

A fascinating look at the beliefs and lifestyle of those people who chant, dance and run a free restaurant. The reasons they give for rejecting some things that don’t bother most people are hard to counter.

Living On The Edge

Explodes the myth of the solo mum who gets pregnant to get the DPB and lives happily ever after at society’s expense. It’s not like that!

Wheel Warriors

Move over the All Blacks and the Auckland Warriors, these are the warriors in wheelchairs. The way they play the games of rugby and life, they obviously feel they’ve nothing more to lose.

Special Kids

Children with special needs can find themselves separated from other “normal” children at school. Not so at Trentham School. These kids are at the physical and developmental centre of the entire school.

The Invisible Handicap

A hearing impairment can’t be seen, but can have severe consequences for the person’s business and social life.

In Between

If you’re Mum & Dad desperately want you to cling to your Samoan roots and your mates want you to forget all that and get hip, you’re caught in between.

Women Get Angry Too

Although we don’t condone any violence resulting from it, society seems to accept that men do get angry – yet, in similar circumstances, women are expected to control themselves and act like ladies.

Kids Don’t Bounce

Having accidents is all part of growing up as an active Kiwi kid. But the consequences of unintentional injuries, as the paramedics and specialists who patch them up prefer to call them, are far-reaching, long-lasting – and largely avoidable.

Kiwi Muslims

We usually hear about Muslims in the context of war or terrorism. It’s easy and convenient for the media to use these labels but followers of Islam in New Zealand want us to distinguish between religious practice and cultural conflict.

Status – Refugee

Bringing refugees to our country is a fine thing to do. It saves lives and rescues people from situations so foul and desperate that we can’t comprehend. Having got them here though, do we do enough to help build a new life in our country?

Peaceful Warriors

The ‘don’t drink and drive’ message that’s being hammered at us is largely ignored by those living on the fringe of society – particularly poor, urban Maori. Now some of their own patched and tattooed brothers have had enough of the alcoholic carnage on the road.

A Little Bit Of Pleasure, A Lot Of Pain

A diagnosis of cancer in a young child is devastating. The children themselves deal with it in a way that sets an example to their parents.

2 Picton Street

Having a half-way house for psychiatric survivors in your neighbourhood is not generally considered to be beneficial to property values, and some people feel threatened. Having met the three young people living at 2 Picton Street, they may change their minds.

Acting Up

Amy Szostak (pronounced Shostak) was introduced to the theatre at her special needs school. Now she’s determined to be famous. The program follows the rehearsals and performance of a concert she organised with some of her disabled friends.

Alive At 25

A look at a revolutionary way to help young people avoid the biggest killer and maimer of their age group – the road accident.

Back On Our Feet Again

A group of people who have all suffered severe mental breakdown now run an organic vegetable garden as part of their struggle to regain their place in the community.