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Open Door TV Series

Series 12

Pink Pilates

The Pink Pilates Trust helps women recovering from breast cancer regain strength and confidence with a specially designed Pilates exercise regime. In this episode we meet four Pink Pilates participants competing in the Rotorua Marathon after their recovery.

Pink Pilates – Part 1 Pink Pilates – Part 2

Juvenile Arthritis

This episode tells the inspirational stories of young people living with arthritis – a condition usually associated with the elderly. With new drugs available these children can lead relatively normal lives but early diagnosis is crucial before joints are damaged by this debilitating condition.

Juvenile Arthritis – Part 1 Juvenile Arthritis – Part 2

Toi Ora

Toi Ora Live Art Trust is a unique creative space in the heart of Auckland city for adults who have experienced mental illness.  In this programme we meet some of the participants who have been helped to realise their full artistic potential in an environment where the mental health “label” is put aside.

Toi Ora – Part 1 Toi Ora – Part 2

Brain Injury

Every day in New Zealand over 90 people sustain a brain injury.  It can happen to anyone and injuries like concussion are often not taken seriously enough.  This episode shows the different ways people who have sustained serious a brain injuries have managed their own recoveries.

Brain Injury – Part 1 Brain Injury – Part 2


@Heart is an organisation which provides support for children with various heart conditions. In this episode we feature some children who were born with congenital heart disease. We also feature a ten year old girl whose heart was damaged by rheumatic fever, a totally preventable disease.

@Heart- Part 1 @Heart – Part 2


Wingspan Birds of Prey Trust is the only center dedicated to the conservation of the New Zealand falcon.  This episode shows Wingspan’s operation in full swing, rehabilitating injured and orphaned birds to return to the wild. We see the birth of a new chick and the training of an injured bird using ancient falconry techniques.

Wingspan – Part 1 Wingspan – Part 2


We follow a group of young people with intellectual disabilities in rehearsals building up to a performance at the Glen Eden playhouse theater.  We get to know this unique group of individuals and discover their hidden talents.

Interacting – Part 1 Interacting – Part 2


SPELD NZ is an organisation that provides information, individual assessments and tuition to people living with dyslexia.  This episode shows how important early intervention can be for ensuring positive outcomes for individuals with specific learning difficulties.

SPELD – Part 1 SPELD – Part 2


Shine is an organisation helping to make homes violence free. Our programme shows how with Shine’s help women are being empowered to leave violent relationships and keep their children safe.

Shine – Part 1 Shine – Part 2


The former Burundian refugees living in New Zealand have often been separated from other family members during the conflicts of war.  Some former Burundian refugees share their reunification stories which show the importance of family to our Burundian community.

Burundians – Part 1 Burundians – Part 2