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Open Door TV Series

Series 11

Positive Women

Four women who are HIV positive speak out about their diagnosis in the hopes of dispelling some of the myths surrounding HIV. The program sends a strong message which will hopefully help to de-stigmatise their HIV status in New Zealand.

Positive Women – Part 1 Positive Women – Part 2

Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre

The therapists at Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre use musical instruments and song in innovative ways to help children who have difficulties with communication. The children we follow have developed social and communication skills which have created new possibilities for them to participate in the world.

Music Therapy – Part 1 Music Therapy – Part 2


Our program follows four inspirational people who, despite suffering serious spinal injuries, have got their lives back on track with the help of Kaleidoscope.

Kaleidoscope – Part 1 Kaleidoscope – Part 2

AIM – Adults In Motion

Adults in Motion is an organization run by dedicated parents who want their intellectually disabled children – now young adults- to get out into the community. This program looks into the way these parents have set up their own centre. The support that this centre provides specifically promotes inclusion in the community.

AIM – Part 1 AIM – Part 2

It’s A Mad Mad World

In this program we meet six people who have all experienced mental distress and at times have lost jobs because of it. However they have moved on to use their experiences of mental distress as a tool in their workplace.

It’s A Mad Mad World – Part 1 It’s A Mad Mad World – Part 2

Hearing House

The mission of The Hearing House is to teach deaf and hearing-impaired children to listen and speak. They aim to help these children reach their full social and academic potential by ensuring they can listen and speak at the same level as their hearing peers.

Hearing House – Part 1 Hearing House – Part 2


Springboard works with at-risk youth in the North Rodney region, providing a variety of courses including mentoring, alternative education, and youth offending programmes. This documentary looks at the programmes and support Springboard provides to at risk youth and their families.

Springboard – Part 1 Springboard – Part 2

START – Stuttering Treatment And Research Trust

In our program we meet some high profile New Zealanders who have all learned to manage their stutter with the help of START. Judge Andrew Becroft, Television and Radio host Ian Grant, former all Black – Royce Willis and Politician- Matt McCarten.

START – Part 1 START – Part 2


In our program we meet some women who are users of the Shakti support group set up by ethnic women to overcome the barriers and break the bonds of cultural oppression imposed on them for generations. Shakti provides advice, support groups and a refuge from domestic violence  – all within a culturally sensitive environment.

Shakti – Part 1 Shakti – Part 2

From Outreach To Perfect Partners

The program participants are recipients of Perfect Partners trained assist dogs. Their stories illustrate the important role the dogs play in their lives. The relationship between Disability Assist Dog and owner helps to overcome physical, emotional and social challenges.

Perfect Partners – Part 1 Perfect Partners – Part 2