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Open Door TV Series

Series 10


Sailability provides an opportunity for people with disabilities to experience freedom and adventure through the sport of sailing. In 2009 they hosted the inaugural Kiwi Cup World Championship, allowing able-bodied and disabled sailors to compete against each other on equal footing for the first time in New Zealand waters.

Sailability – Part 1 Sailability – Part 2

Cultural Festival

The Auckland Cultural Festival is a multicultural extravaganza; a place for refuges and migrants from different countries around the world to come together to share and celebrate their unique cultures and experiences. We meet some of the stall holders and hear their stories.

Cultural Festival – Part 1 Cultural Festival – Part 2


Autism spectrum disorder is a complex developmental disability which affects the ability to communicate, interact socially and process sensory information. We meet three families who are determined that their autistic children will be included at school and accepted by their school mates.

Autism – Part 1 Autism – Part 2


Multiple sclerosis is a chronic neurological disease affecting the central nervous system.  The MS Society works closely with people affected by this condition, helping them to manage their symptoms and enjoy the best life possible. We meet some of their clients and get an insight into what life is like with MS.

MS – Part 1 MS – Part 2


New Zealand has some of the least affordable housing in the developed world. The high cost of housing can keep families in a cycle of poverty; with little money left for food, clothing, health care or education. Habitat for Humanity is a not for profit organization that works in partnership with families in need, breaking the cycle by constructing good quality homes for them on an affordable basis.

Habitat – Part 1 Habitat – Part 2


CanTeen supports young people aged 13-24 who are living with the effects of cancer – including patients, siblings and bereaved siblings. Based on the belief that the best support comes from those who have ‘been there done that’ or are going through similar experiences, it runs a peer support network and a wide range of recreational programs where members can try new things, have fun, and make friends.

CanTeen – Part 1 CanTeen – Part 2


LandSAR is a national voluntary organization that works hand in hand with the New Zealand Police to locate lost, missing and injured people anywhere on land in New Zealand. There are over 3,000 trained volunteers in LandSAR, this documentary follows one group as they track down a missing possum hunter in Waimauku.

LandSAR – Part 1 LandSAR – Part 2

Bird Ladies

All across New Zealand dedicated women are sacrificing their time and energy to care for sick, injured and orphaned birds. These bird ladies offer a vital service to the community, taking on endless birds and providing expert advice and guidance to anyone who needs it. We hear their stories and meet some of their many patients.

Bird Ladies – Part 1 Bird Ladies – Part 2


Imagine waking up one morning unable to speak or even write down what you want to say. Aphasia damages the ability to use and understand language while leaving the intellect intact. Most often caused by a stroke, this disorder can have a devastating effect on people’s lives – and it’s as common as Parkinson’s disease with around 5 new cases every day.

Aphasia – Part 1 Aphasia – Part 2

The Paper Makers

The Papermill is a charming place which employs artists with disabilities to craft beautiful paper products. By placing the focus on the ability, not the disability, they build self esteem and confidence in their artists while giving visitors a memorable place to stop.

The Paper Makers – Part 1 The Paper Makers – Part 2