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Open Door TV Series

Series 1

The episodes from Series 1 are not available online.

Speaking Out

‘Just because we wobble and dribble a bit, people think we’re stupid but we’re not!’. Four people with cerebral palsy have their say through computerised voice simulation.

Magic In The Community

A gripping revelation of the depths of despair in the community, which demonstrates how people in trauma, when linked with other in the same situation, can overcome their problems without the need of drugs or doctors.

Once A Crim…

Bill Payne, ex junkie and recipient of the Frank Sargeson writing fellowship, became a writer whilst in prison serving a sentence for dealing hard drugs. Bill goes back into prison to talk to prisoners.

Where’s My Yugoslavia?

The horror of the trouble in what was Yugoslavia explained by a group of Yugoslav national from various ethnic backgrounds living in harmony in New Zealand.

A Women’s Work

A new breed of women now have automatic expectations of doing whatever work they want to – fixing cars, driving bulldozers etc. Given the chance, they demonstrate that they can do anything a man can do – often better

The Fear

Anxiety, panic and obsessive behaviour affects one in ten New Zealanders. Pam Corkery is one of them. She, along with others, talk openly about how with some help they manage to live with their disorders.

Kava Culture

A night with the Tongans in their Kava Clubs. A strong musical theme takes us around the local venues which are held in garages and sheds around Auckland, a previously unexplored aspect of Tongan culture.

The Trees Are Still Green

A sailor, a farmer, a tri-athlete and a skier – all blind but refusing to be disabled.

Queering The Media Pitch

Gay people speak freely about their life-style and it’s representation in the media.

You’ve Just Had A Seizure, Brian

The unexpected humour that dominates this program gives a rare insight into how some people with epilepsy manage to live normal lives.

Chinese Mosaic

Chinese people talk openly about their culture, their humour, their investments and their aspirations for their future in New Zealand.