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Open Door TV Series

MS - Series 10

MS - multiple=The team at Morningside were an absolute delight to work with. They were prompt and professional in dealing with any enquiries. There was constant communication between both parties regarding the content and the message that we wanted communicated and how filming was progressing. They gave careful consideration to our thoughts on what we wanted conveyed and they were also able to make suggestions on what could be added to enhance the documentary.

When it came to the actual filming the team were very friendly and accommodating, which is very important when dealing with people with MS. The people who were involved with the film crew felt that they were very understanding and never invasive, making those being filmed totally at ease. During the filming the crew went out of their way to ensure they captured the right images, sometimes filming the same person at a number of different locations and doing different activities.

Each person who was filmed received a rough cut of the documentary and were given every opportunity to make changes if they were not comfortable with the content, which again made them feel at ease about being put in the public eye.

The end result was a positive and insightful view into what living with MS can be like both for the individual and those close to them. Having the opportunity to convey this message to the wider community via Open Door and with the kind support of New Zealand on Air has been very beneficial to our organization and is greatly appreciated.

Nicola Garland (Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator, MS Auckland Region)