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Open Door TV Series

About Open Door

The process of editorial control offered by Morningside Productions is at the heart of the Open Door series

Keith Lambert – the creator of Open Door – made this series unique in the way that it gives a voice to New Zealanders, empowering them by allowing them editorial control over the programmes they are in. Some groups want to educate and some just want to have stories heard, but participants always have the final say. The security of having this control makes it easier for participants to tell a sensitive story in its entirety, which generates frank and compelling television.

In each Open Door series of 10 programmes,  participants are given the opportunity to express their own values and beliefs presenting the subjective rather than the objective. While the programmes are always topical, the underlying issues they cover remain enduringly relevant to all New Zealanders.

Unlike the rest of New Zealand television programming which can be characterised as ‘top down’; where programme initiatives come from the broadcaster, Open Door is ‘bottom up’; the creative initiative comes from members of the general community.

As well as airing on TV3, the fact that the programmes are fully funded by NZ On Air means that they are available for unlimited broadcast on regional television channels, Maori television and Freeview. A number of episodes are also available on NZ On Screen.