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Open Door TV Series

Open Door TV

Produced by Morningside Productions – Open Door is a documentary television series where the subjects are sourced from our community.

The 12th Open Door series now in production, continues to reflect New Zealand identity and culture by producing programmes that empower individuals, groups and minorities in our community.

Open Door features strong personal stories from people who would otherwise ‘fall through the cracks’ in terms of representation on television. The participants are given an opportunity to express their own values and beliefs about issues that are relevant to our community.

Open Door is unique in the way that it gives a voice to New Zealanders, by allowing participants editorial control over our treatment of their interviews. We don’t have an agenda about what the programmes should say: it’s your message that we want to get across.

Many of the previous participants have also found that DVD copies of their programme prove to be a valuable and lasting resource that continues to help fundraise and get their message out to the public.