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Open Door TV Series

About our documentary work

We work with positivity and empathy to tell your story the way you want it to be told

Our approach to documentary story telling is unique in the way that we allow participants editorial control over their interviews. Some groups want to educate and some just want to have stories heard, but participants always have the final say. The security of having this control makes it easier for participants to tell a sensitive story in its entirety, which generates frank and compelling television.



LandSAR is a national voluntary organization that works hand in hand with the New Zealand Police to locate lost, missing and injured people anywhere on land in New Zealand. There are over 3,000 trained volunteers in LandSAR, this documentary follows one group as they track down a missing possum hunter in Waimauku.“we are seriously considering making this documentary part of our official LandSAR induction process” – Hayden Smith, Chief Executivemore…


We meet some women who are users of the Shakti support group set up by  ethnic women to overcome the barriers and break the bonds of cultural  oppression imposed on them for generations. Shakti provides advice,  support groups and a refuge from domestic violence  — all within a  culturally sensitive environment.

Hearing House

The mission of The Hearing House is to teach deaf and hearing-impaired children to listen and speak. They aim to help these children reach their full social and academic potential by ensuring they can listen and speak at the same level as their hearing peers.