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Open Door TV Series

About Morningside Productions

Keith Lambert was behind Open Door’s concept of empowerment, and his professional crew helped people express themselves honestly to the viewing audience.

Morningside Productions Ltd. was founded in 1988 by Keith Lambert and his partner Shirlie Fairbrother, becoming established as a leading producer of high quality 35mm film commercials for some of the major advertising agencies in New Zealand. Keith earned a prestigious Gold “Cleo” award as a Director for the best Home Products commercial world-wide.

In 1993, Keith’s long-time vision of community empowerment became a reality with the production of  the first Open Door series, unique within New Zealand because of our commitment to giving editorial control to the participants in the series. The security of knowing they have this control in combination with our friendly, professional and non-intimidating crew helped people express themselves to the viewing audience in an honest and revealing way. The production methods for Open Door were also adapted and used to produce other video resources for community groups and social services: creating web content and DVDs for both educational and promotional purposes.

Keith passed away in 2007 but the same ethical production methods he founded live on and are at the forefront of all the work produced by Morningside.

Shirlie and the rest of the team have now produced the 12th and final Open Door series for TV3, and continue to work on numerous other non broadcast web clips for commercial and not for profit organisations.